Anti-Social LA

The last month has been a bit crazy for me, and I’ve been a little distant. Frankly, I’ve been “so LA.” I’ve been anti-social.
DislikeLet’s face it. Have you ever noticed how anti-social LA is?  At times I think it may be on par with New York City (NEW YORK CITY?  In my best Southwestern accent…El Paso salsa commercial….Nevermind). I hate it. Until I notice myself doing the exact same thing.
I grew up 60 miles East of Los Angeles. In the Inland Empire. Say what you want about the I.E. but at least people make eye contact and smile at folks passing by. Walk down the sidewalks of LA, and you’re lucky if you get a half smirk after saying good morning to a passer-by. Going on a ride in an elevator? Don’t expect anyone to hold the door. It might get awkward if we have to ride together! Oh the horror…..
How did LA get like this? And why does it seem to rub off so easily on transplants? Oftentimes without them even knowing.
Be aware of how, well, rude you’re being Los Angeles! Wake up. Smile. Say hello or Good Afternoon. It won’t kill you. I promise. We all could use a little less social anxiety in our lives. I promise to try too.

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