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Mini Pom Pom Animals

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Micha’s Pom Pom Piggy

You know I love to crochet. And I utilize Pinterest for most of my addiction fixes. Well one day while searching for more crochet patterns to add to my ever-growing Pinterest boards, I stumbled upon the cutest of all cute DIY crafts: mini pom pom animals!

Mini Pom-Pom Pets by April Chorba

Mini Pom-Pom Pets by April Chorba

For Christmas this year I was lucky enough to be gifted Mini Pom-Pom Pets by April Chorba; complete with everything you need to make 20 or so mini pom pom animals of your own. So of course, Christmas night, I just had to bust open the box and make one of my own!
The pattern itself is really easy and not much of a pattern really. If you know how to make a pom pom, you’re pretty much set.


  1. Make sure you have everything you need to get started:
    Susan Bates Easy Wrap Pom Pon Maker
    Worsted Weight Yarn in the color of your choice
    Small Craft Scissors
    Ruler or Measuring Tape
    Small Beads (for the eyes)
    White Glue
    Felt or Paper (for ears, nose and tail)
  2. Measure 144 inches of yarn and cut it in half. Set both strands aside. Then measure 12 inches of the same yarn and set that strand aside.
  3. Wrap your first long strand around pieces A and B of your smallest (white) pom pon maker. Repeat this process on the second set of A and B pieces with the other long strand of yarn.
  4. Join both A and B sets of the pom pon maker together, forming a complete circle.
  5. Cut the yarn between pieces A and B. I promise, it will be fine. I was totally nervous too the first time I did this.
  6. Wrap the 12 inch strand around your newly cut pieces of yarn. Tie a very right knot. Then tie another knot on the other side of the ball. Tie one more on this second side…just in case.
  7. Remove all 4 white pom pon pieces.
  8. Your pom pom looks awkward. This is completely normal. Much like a newborns misshapen head. Cut all of the longer strands so that they are the same length as other strands.
  9. Shape your pom pom using your fingers. Then, while looking down at your pom pom, use your scissors to create a cricle. Then just trim the rest of the ball so that everything is the same length.
  10. Congratulations, you have a mini pom pom.
  11. Glue on your animals features, always starting with the nose to use as a reference point. For the pig pictured, I used the paper nose, ears and tail and two beaded eyes from Chorba’s kit.

See? Easy peasy. Now you can create your very own Mini Pom Pom Animals farm, zoo or jungle!

Be sure to share your creations in my comments section below!

Pom Pom, Animals, Legos, Duplos, Farm, Pig, Piggy, Sheep, Goat, DIY, Pinterest

Final Farewell

Like most 30 somethings my age, this morning we were left reeling after hearing the news that Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots fame had passed away at the age of 48.
ScottIt was no secret that Scott had drug addiction problems, but of all the celebrity junkies out there, I was really rooting for Scott to get clean. He was such an amazing lyricist and front man. And the world will never know a new song by him. So depressing….
After I heard the news, the folks on The Woody Show over at ALT 98.7 here in Los Angeles played Scott’s songs all morning; the one morning I was grateful for The Show Killer’s 4 song an hour rule. They encouraged listeners to take to social media and share their favorite STP song. Because let’s face it. There are a lot of mind blowingly good songs to choose from.
As I thought back to them all, the one that constantly kept coming front of mind was “Lady Picture Show.” The lyrics, the music, the video. It has got to be one of my favorites. Definitely in my top 10 fave songs of all time.

I also love “Creep.” I mean, first it’s a great song. But I mostly love it because I introduced my mom to STP with that song. I must have been 15 or so when we were driving in the car and “Creep” came on. My mom mentioned that she liked it and asked if the singer used to be fat. You know, cuz he’s “half the man he used to be.” I just about died laughing.

I’m lucky enough to say that I had the pleasure of seeing Scott perform once about 6 or 7 years ago at the Hollywood Bowl. He seemed to be doing well, and at the moment, I believe was clean.

scott on stage

Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts perform at Cervantes on Feb. 24, 2015. Photos by Michael McGrath

He shared a beautiful moment on stage with his daughter that I will always remember. I will remember that part of him. The part that wanted to try. The part that didn’t give in; give up.
Scott, you will be missed and mourned by many. This is a final farewell to you. May you rest in peace.