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Thirty Three

Today I turn thirty three. As I sit in the basement at work, pumping in my windowless dungeon, I can’t help but to look back on the last year….and hold back the tears.

The last year was a bit of a whirlwind for me. Adelaide was born exactly one week after my thirty second birthday. Recovering from a third birth, and at a much older age than the last two, proved much harder than I could have imagined. This time around I found it hard to do anything. I almost passed out my first time out to the grocery store! I had to hire a lactation consultant because Adelaide wouldn’t latch on one side. And, I had the baby blues (not to be confused with the more serious postpartum depression).

But I also got to spend six months with my baby girl. AND, since I was home during part of the summer, I got time with Brody and Layla too! It was so nice having all three of my kids together so often. Once I was feeling better, about 3 months postpartum, I didn’t stop doing things.

We went to museums, parks, the beach, Disneyland. I spent time with old friends and got closer with new friends that I think are lifers (shout out to Jackie, Josh and Brianna). My bestie taught me how to crochet, and we started a business based on our shared love of the craft….which I can’t wait to unveil on 4.4.16!

Then, I went back to work. I struggled. A lot. Leaving Adelaide with strangers at a daycare was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I cried in my basement dungeon at work for MONTHS; the real reason why I never wore make-up. But I got through it. And I’ve done some really cool things since returning. Things I am so proud of. Things I tell Layla and Brody just to see the giant smiles on their faces. Because they’re proud of their mama.

This year was hard, happy and one not to be forgotten. I’m glad it’s over though. And looking forward to seeing what thirty three has to offer.