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What Happened to Thanksgiving?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen and heard things that make me wonder what happened to Thanksgiving. As a child, I always looked forward to this holiday. Not for the food (I hate Turkey Day food), but rather for the time to reflect on what matters most to me. And to be thankful for those things.
But this year, it seems most have skipped right over Thanksgiving and gone strait to Christmas! ef04f779cd7f475526a590fe1593b047
For example, I was in Target on November 1. I figured I’d get some fall decorations for the house. So I headed to the seasonal section of the store, which the day before had been overrun by Halloween costumes. To my dismay and horror, there wasn’t a single fall/Thanksgiving decoration in sight. Not a wreath or a cornucopia. Not even a fake turkey to stake in my front yard! Instead, the Target Elfes had transformed this section of the store into a winter wonderland over night.
The following week, I was flipping through stations on the radio and KOST was already playing Christmas songs. That’s fine and dandy, but you better believe this mama isn’t tuning in until November 27.
Speaking of black friday. What the hell America? The obsession we have with buying shit we don’t really need is appalling. LAist posted an article where a man was interviewed in front of a Best Buy. By Friday, he will have been camped out there for 8 days! 8 days people!!! No Thanksgiving. No family. Just his new tv for $150. I hope it makes you happy sir. Because it just pisses me off. That is the type of thinking and behavior that is destroying this holiday.
share_defaultI do have to give mad props to companies like REI who are opting out of Black Friday this year; closing all their stores and paying employees for the day off. REI even started a trend with the hashtag #optoutside. It’s really picked up, with certain parks offering free admission on Friday. This kind of thinking gives me the warm fuzzies inside. We need to get back to the human level. It’s not about material things. It’s about love and happiness. And all the joys in life to be thankful for.

Baby Wearing Ballet

I am a huge advocate for baby wearing, so when I heard that Kristen De Paula was hosting a baby wearing ballet class out of Bini Birth in Studio City, I knew I had to check it out.

Adelaide at Ballet 1During her last session, I signed up for the 4-part Wednesday series.  I’m so glad I did.  Not only does my body get a good workout, my soul does too as I get to wear my baby girl the entire time.  Fussy baby?  No worries.  It’s a class full of moms.  All of whom have had a fussy baby on their hands at some point.  I have even fed Adelaide during class right from my Mei Tai!

But is it a decent workout you ask.  Why yes.  Yes it is!  In fact, there are times when my legs are screaming at me to stop.  To give up.  But I just push through, and am always glad when I do.  Oh, you have no dance experience?  Psh.  I hadn’t taken a dance class since grade school when I signed up!  There is no judgement.  This class is for the beginner or the most experienced dancer.  It’s more about bonding with your baby, meeting new moms, and burning some calories in a fun and creative way.  It’s setup more like a cardio barre class than traditional ballet ballet class.Adelaide at Ballet 2

The next session starts this Wednesday, July 8th.  For you working moms out there, Saturday sessions are also available.  I’ll be joining that group next month when I start back at the Pantages.  The rates are very reasonable at $65 for Wednesday OR Sunday, and $100 for every Wednesday AND Saturday session.

For more information, or to register for a class, please click here to register.  Hope to see you there!


Anti-Social LA

The last month has been a bit crazy for me, and I’ve been a little distant. Frankly, I’ve been “so LA.” I’ve been anti-social.
DislikeLet’s face it. Have you ever noticed how anti-social LA is?  At times I think it may be on par with New York City (NEW YORK CITY?  In my best Southwestern accent…El Paso salsa commercial….Nevermind). I hate it. Until I notice myself doing the exact same thing.
I grew up 60 miles East of Los Angeles. In the Inland Empire. Say what you want about the I.E. but at least people make eye contact and smile at folks passing by. Walk down the sidewalks of LA, and you’re lucky if you get a half smirk after saying good morning to a passer-by. Going on a ride in an elevator? Don’t expect anyone to hold the door. It might get awkward if we have to ride together! Oh the horror…..
How did LA get like this? And why does it seem to rub off so easily on transplants? Oftentimes without them even knowing.
Be aware of how, well, rude you’re being Los Angeles! Wake up. Smile. Say hello or Good Afternoon. It won’t kill you. I promise. We all could use a little less social anxiety in our lives. I promise to try too.

Meeting Other Moms

Meeting new people, generally speaking, has never been a hard task for me.  I’m what my mother likes to call a “social butterfly.”  And yet, for some unknown reason, I find it incredibly difficult to make friends with moms. Especially in LA.  Meeting new moms?  How do you do it?

I grew up in the 909, where folks are friendlier and women don’t wait till their 40 to have kids.  So when I had Layla and Brody, it was easy to make friends with other moms my age. Not so much in my current situation. At 32, I’m still considered a young mom in these parts!  Add in the anti-social, don’t make eye contact, attitude of Los Angeles, and it becomes very hard to meet new people (Thank God I wasn’t in the LA dating scene ever).

So I have decided to give a try.  I have my first meetup with fellow moms tomorrow at this great spot in Canoga Park.  Here’s hoping I make some new mom friends (I won’t show a bias on age)!  I’ll keep you posted.

Event: Sherman Oaks Tuesday Farmer’s Market

The Hollywood Farmer’s Market is great….Once you find parking, maneuver through the crowd, and finally find what you’re looking for.  Two hours later, you’re certainly ready to leave.  With three kids and a hubby who doesn’t tell you when he wants to stop to look at something (who can relate?), this is only an option once or twice a year.

So what’s a good alternative?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  The Tuesday Sherman Oaks Farmer’s Market at Westfield Fashion Square; a California Certified Farmers’ Markets.

I discovered this gem about a year ago.  Yeah, it’s small, and doesn’t include any bouncers, artists or musicians.  But, it has everything one needs from a true farmer’s market: locally grown produce.  Plus, parking is easy, and you can actually get to a vendor without having to take b!tch down!

The vendors do change a bit week to week, but for the most part, you can expect to find the same folks there every Tuesday selling the freshest produce in the Valley.  I always get a bushel of kale, apples and of course Brothers Hummus!  There’s also amazing breads and pastries, as well as vegan/gluten free cookies and brownies available.  And, if you want to treat yourself, there is both a grass fed meat guy and local seafood stand!  I’ve tried both.  And both were delicious!

If you’re in Sherman Oaks on a Tuesday afternoon, I highly recommend you stop by this market.  It can be found in the Westfield Fashion Square parking area; right near 9021Pho (another fave).  The market opens at 3pm and runs until roughly 8pm.  For more information, visit their Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Sherman Oaks Tuesday Farmers' Market

CicLaVia. AKA, “ouch!”

15 miles.  That’s how far I rode on Prudence today.  Prudence is my super cool bike that my amazingly amazing amazeballs husband (yes, you can use that many forms of amaze in one string) got me for Christmas.  Prudence is amazing too.

Prudence came disassembled, but determined to bike CicLAVia – The Valley, I spent hours yesterday assembling her.  My hands and back were none too happy about this decision.  But I was glad to finally have Prudence together in her gloriously cute state!

So, “what is this CicLAVia, and why did you have to rush to get the bike assembled” you ask…..

CicLAVia is a “car-free” Los Angeles event that promotes biking, walking, roller blading, scootering (is that a word).  Basically anything that isn’t a motor vehicle.  Los Angeles isn’t exactly non-motor friendly, and these events create awareness; encouraging the good folk of LA County to get out and get active and healthy.  And maybe petition for a bike lane while you’re at it.  I’m down with that.

I found out about the event from a former co-worker and bike enthusiast back when they did the first one in 2012.  Now, a few years later, and with a bike of my own, I thought I would check it out.  It was really cool to see all the families out with their kids, some of the tripped out bikes, and all of the restaurants benefiting from CicLAvia.  My hot date (and fellow mom) and I decided to stop at Du-par’s in Studio City.  We just had to have one of their infamous, melt in your mouth cinnamon roles.  I mean come one.  After biking 12 miles at that point, we owed it to ourselves.  We got the last one!

For me, CicLAvia was a success.  I look forward to the next one and will definitely be towing my kids along with me.  I don’t however look forward to tomorrow.  As of tonight, I can barely walk, my butt feels bruised, and my bed is calling my name!  For now, to make us all feel better, I’ll leave you with the following: Two of the coolest moms you’ll ever meet!

Micha & Devon








Post Script – It’s the day after, and I would just like to say OUCH!  CicLAvia kicked my a$$.  Literally.  I mean my butt is bruised!  Time to get a cushion for my bike seat….