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Do you remember the good ol days?  Where you had to wait in line at a Ticketmaster sales kiosk to get tickets to a show?  I miss those days.  Now, if you have shitty Internet, you’ll never go to a small club show ever again.

Today I tried to buy tickets to the Thrice show at the Glass House on May 13.  I was online at 10:59am, hitting refresh so that my browser would be ready at 11am when the pre-sale started.  The page reloaded at exactly 11am.  Apparently, I was 4 seconds too slow.  Because the tickets were no longer available.  Sucks.

If you were lucky enough, as a fan of the band, to get tickets to the Thrice show today, congratulations.  I’ll be trying my luck again whenever the public on-sale date is.  If they have one. (Edit – the on-sale was 2 hours later at 1pm.  Looks like I’m not going to this concert afterall).

This is not the first time this has happened in recent months.  Last year, I missed out on seeing Brand New at the Troubadour because of the same thing.  I was there.  On the website.  Ready with credit card in hand.  But still, no tickets.  Unless of course I wanted to pay the 100s of dollars they were going for on StubHub.  For some reason, the scalpers always seem to get the tickets.  Makes you wonder….

Man, I miss waiting in line.