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A Breastfeeding Post

In light of the controversy surrounding Elisha Beach Wilson’s photo of herself breastfeeding her child while on the toilet, I thought it was time for a breastfeeding post.

Elisha posted a very real photo last week.  Any mother who has breastfed a one or two year old has probably been in the same awkward place Elisha was; taking a shit while you’re baby is screaming because she’s hungry.  So, what do you do?  Whip out the boob, of course!  To a breastfeeding mother, it’s a no brainer.  To the rest of the world, it’s “controversial.”  Really people?

I breastfed my two older children until they were both around two years old.  They weened themselves.  I plan to do the same with Adelaide.  She’ll let me know when she’s ready to stop.  Because this isn’t common practice in the U.S., I get a LOT of flack for it.  I could care less.  I do find it interesting though that California has the highest rate of breastfeeding mothers, yet when I breastfeed my child in public, I get numerous dirty looks and scowls from people of all walks.  Most of my mommy friends have opted to either not breatfeed at all, or gave up after 2 or 4 weeks.  Which BLOWS MY MIND! It is THE best gift you will ever be able to give her. So why wouldn’t you?

Some moms tell me they just don’t feel comfortable; that it’s weird. It’s only weird because Americans have sexualized the breast so much that we’ve forgotten what it’s true intention is (hint: it’s not being fondled during four play). Even I have fallen prey to this. I found myself at lunch the other day with a cranky kid who refused to eat while the blanket was on. But I had never breastfed in public without a cover. I couldn’t possibly let top boob and side boob out for the world to see! But Adelaide was not havin it, so…I took a deep breath…and let the blanket fall. It was actually pretty liberating. To know I don’t have to be tied to the damn covers whenever I’m out with the baby.

It’s time we really, truly freed the boobies. Let them serve their true purpose. And eff anyone who stands in their way!

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