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The Hoff is Back!

David Hasselhoff, aka The Hoff, is back. And holy hell, it’s amazing.

The Hoff comes in the form of a music video by way of the Kickstarter backed film, Kung Fury.  Haven’t heard of it?  Let me give you the background:

According to The Huffington Post, Kung Fury is a “Swedish martial arts comedy film written and directed by, and starring David Sandberg. It is an homage to 1980s martial arts and police action films.”  It appears to have been shot entirely on green screen and fearures giants, flying ninjas and dinosaurs.  Oh, and King Fu Hitler.  Yes, you read that right.  Only he’s not Hitler.  He’s “Kung Führer.”  No joke.  You can’t make this shit up.


So where does The Hoff come in?  Well!  Mr. Hasselhoff sings the movies theme song, “True Survivor.”  Watch the official music video here.  It is pure gold!!!  Or pure cheese….

The video features The Hoff, complete with 80s mullet and bad visual effects.  As Hoff sings, what could have actually been a decent hit in 1983, visuals of the film go in and out.  It’s either the best, or worst, music video I have ever seen.

I don’t know if or when the film comes out, but I see this being one of those terrible cult classics.  Only time will tell.


Coupon Apps

Everyone likes saving money.  And we all have phones on us 24/7.  So why not download some money saving apps that will give you some extra cash in the bank!

I use four five coupon apps; Ralphs, Cartwheel, ibotta, The Coupn App and Shopkick.

Ralphs – Most grocery stores have their won apps with digital coupons.  I love the Ralphs app because coupons are loaded automatically to my Ralphs Rewards card.  They’re in dollars off, which I prefer to percentages.  I just log in and check which coupons are available before each shopping trip, and then don’t have to think about it again.  It also lets you know what your current gas rewards points are, has an area to create shopping lists, and keeps track of your prescriptions.  Super easy to use.  And so, far I haven’t run into any glitches.

Cartwheel – Like the grocery stores, Target has their own discount app.  Unlike the Ralphs app, Cartwheel discounts in percentages.  My biggest problem with the app is that not every product listed is in every Target store.  I’ve spent entirely too much time walking around the store looking for a product that my local Target doesn’t carry.  You also have to be careful of the fine print on this app.  I’ve bought the wrong size of a product more than once as the correct sizing was in the fine print of the coupon.  The great thing about the Cartwheel app is that it lets you scan barcodes in the store to search for discounts.  That’s my favorite!  It does have slow loading issues if you don’t have great service (does any Target have good service?).  Have the cashier scan the in-app barcode to add your discount to the final total.

ibotta – My new favorite app!  This is a rebate app.  After making a purchase from a specific store, simply scan the barcode of the item you purchased, take a picture of the receipt, and send it off.  Once you’ve reached $10 in rebates, you can redeem for cash through Paypal or giftcards from online retailers like Amazon.  Unlock rebates by reading facts, watching videos or learning new recipes.  There’s also this great teamwork aspect and cool badges you can receive to get even more money added to your profile.  The only drawback is that it takes up a lot of running memory (my phone even gave me a warning when downloading).  I still love it though.
You can join my team by clicking HERE.

The Coupon App – Not my favorite app, but it does have a lot of random coupons pulled from the net (yes, I just said net) that can be useful from time to time.  In the few months I’ve had it, I think I’ve used two.

Shopkick – The app that gets you money for really doing nothing!  You can get kick points on this app for walking into a store, scanning products or making purchases.  Each store is different.  Some offer all three, some a combination, and some just one.  The app does have coupons on occasion and will let you know if a store is running a discount or promotion.  Once you reach a certain number of kick points, you can turn them in for giftcards to retailers.  Easy peasy.  The biggest problem I have with this app is that not all of the walk-ins get tracked correctly.  The app seems to have a problem updating its GPS location.
Join Shopkick now by clicking HERE.

Those are my favorite coupon apps.  I use most of them every time I go shopping.  What are some of your favorite money saving apps?