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What Happened to Thanksgiving?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen and heard things that make me wonder what happened to Thanksgiving. As a child, I always looked forward to this holiday. Not for the food (I hate Turkey Day food), but rather for the time to reflect on what matters most to me. And to be thankful for those things.
But this year, it seems most have skipped right over Thanksgiving and gone strait to Christmas! ef04f779cd7f475526a590fe1593b047
For example, I was in Target on November 1. I figured I’d get some fall decorations for the house. So I headed to the seasonal section of the store, which the day before had been overrun by Halloween costumes. To my dismay and horror, there wasn’t a single fall/Thanksgiving decoration in sight. Not a wreath or a cornucopia. Not even a fake turkey to stake in my front yard! Instead, the Target Elfes had transformed this section of the store into a winter wonderland over night.
The following week, I was flipping through stations on the radio and KOST was already playing Christmas songs. That’s fine and dandy, but you better believe this mama isn’t tuning in until November 27.
Speaking of black friday. What the hell America? The obsession we have with buying shit we don’t really need is appalling. LAist posted an article where a man was interviewed in front of a Best Buy. By Friday, he will have been camped out there for 8 days! 8 days people!!! No Thanksgiving. No family. Just his new tv for $150. I hope it makes you happy sir. Because it just pisses me off. That is the type of thinking and behavior that is destroying this holiday.
share_defaultI do have to give mad props to companies like REI who are opting out of Black Friday this year; closing all their stores and paying employees for the day off. REI even started a trend with the hashtag #optoutside. It’s really picked up, with certain parks offering free admission on Friday. This kind of thinking gives me the warm fuzzies inside. We need to get back to the human level. It’s not about material things. It’s about love and happiness. And all the joys in life to be thankful for.